Yamaha DTX & Pearl Drum Kit

One of my larger, long term projects is the authority site DrumBrands.com that I have been working on for roughly 6 months as of the time of this blog.  I have a very ambitious scope with this website.  For more information check out my Projects page.

In the meanwhile I am working on a few of what I have dubbed “mini-authority” or “mini-auth” sites.  These are websites that have a much more limited scope than a full brand, but still aim to be a strong resource with a wealth of content.  The win-win with this concept is that a mini-auth site is easier to scale than a niche site yet is limited enough that a strong foundation can be built out quickly.  It is sort of like combining several closely related niche site topics into one build out.

The other idea with a mini-auth site is to anchor them to a larger, full scale authority site.  There are a couple key benefits with this approach.

  1. Provides a niched down entry way for users to gain visibility to the main authority site (it is easier to rank for a more focused term and funnel visitors to larger site, somewhat of a squeeze tactic).
  2. As the mini-auth site gains credibility with search engines, it provides valuable link building between the authority site and possibly other related mini-auth or niche sites.
  3. A mini-auth site has the ability to not only earn its own source of revenue but perhaps become a full blown authority site if demand is great enough.

An example of how I am doing this is with two focused mini-auth sites, Yamaha DTX and Pearl Drum Kit, (since the time of this writing these sites have been rolled into DrumBrands.com), which are both in sort of a post-launch beta mode for data collection and proofing of the concept.  I plan on doing this around other authority sites and brands in the future if this process proves to be fruitful.

If this works out, I feel that it is a space in the market that is not flooded by internet marketers and a place where I can capture some of the available business and revenue.

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