Singlehop Hosting Review (They Suck!)

Update: Since this review was created the owners at SingleHop reached out to me and helped resolve the issue by refunding me some of the payments during the down time.

Singlehop Sucks

I hardly ever give bad reviews.  I’ve made a choice to just keep my mouth shut and let the poor performance of a company or product be a natural selection method of moving them out of the marketplace.  This however is a very special occasion, because this was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company.  It is also an experience that caused me to loose thousands of dollars, so its a touchy subject.

I really wanted to help other potential business owners looking for a VPS or dedicated server hosting solution.  Singlehop is the last company you want to go with if you value customer service at all.  Also know this is a not a rage review.  I registered the domain on 7/17/2012 right after the final incident that caused me to cancel my services.  However I did not record this video, write the review or build the website until 12/1/2012 over four months later.  I wanted my feelings of anger to subside so I would give a more fair review.  Obviously my view is biased, but then again everyone’s is to some extent.

I’ve since moved my hosting to GoDaddy and couldn’t be happier.  Although the site load times are not as fast and GoDaddy can tend to nickel and dime you, the customer service is excellent.  Additionally, I am confident when I upgrade my hosting with GoDaddy I will regain the site speeds I had with Singlehop at a competitive price.  I also believe that GoDaddy’s service and support will be much better giving me an overall lower cost of ownership.

Check out (site no longer online) for the full story and review




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