The San Francisco Zoo

Having recently moved to the Bay Area, I am always on the look out for opportunities to see new sites and landmarks.   When I heard that Amber Alejos was taking her little one Landon to the San Francisco Zoo, I quickly asked to tag along.  Not only was the Zoo awesome but it was cool to see San Francisco during the day with such beautiful weather.  The previous times I had been through SF were all during the evening.

What a blast we had at the zoo.  Even though we got some sweet photos, they really don’t capture the beauty of the day.  I look forward to getting back down to San Francisco Zoo in the near future.  Since I left, I discovered some interesting facts about the zoo and its history.

San Francisco Zoo History

The SF Zoo was originally known as the Fleishhacker Zoo after Herbert Fleishhacker a businessman, civic leader and philanthropist.  Fleishhacker founded the zoo in 1929 and the first exhibits cost $3.5 million to construct, including Monkey Island, Lion and Elephant House among other grottoes.  The San Francisco Zoological Gardens name was adopted in 1941, following the suggestion of Herbert Fleishhacker.  This was in line with his vision to create a Zoological Society similar to other large cities.

Another notable point of history is that Fleishhacker also founded the largest pool in the United States next to the zoo.  For more information check out Wikipedia on the Fleishhacker Pool.  The pool was demolished in 2000 and today is a parking lot for the zoo.

Check out some of our photos from the SFZoo experience

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