Active Projects:

Compound Leadership – A blog focused on discussing elements of leadership, personal development and education.  There are articles about all of these topics as well as several in-depth reviews on books from leadership and personal development gurus along with other types of success literature.  Compound Leadership Corp. is also my parent corporation and the company I used for business consulting, speaking engagements and other independent business efforts.


Total Merchant NetworkTotal Merchant Network @ – Total Merchant Network LLC is an Arizona based business solutions company that focuses on supply chain / process design as well as business commodities including credit card processing, point of sale, hosting, among other technology applications.  Total Merchant Network focuses on web based education and offers services through fee based consulting and revenue sharing opportunities with partner providers.


Total Debt – Total Debt Network LLC (TDN) is an Arizona based negative equity education company.  Through the main website, TDN blog and community sites such as AZ Debt Settlement and AZ Score Restore, TDN focuses on providing online education to consumers concerning the topics of negative equity including areas such as debt, bankrutpcty, credit and mortgages.  TDN earns revenue through CPC and CPA advertising, via networks such as Google Adsense and direct consumer providers. – As a fitness enthusiast and avid Camelback hiker, I launched Hiking Camelback in April of 2011 as website to provide general info to the out of town visitor and also as a resource for hardcore hikers to compare times and interact.  The current goal of the site is to provide news and updates about Camelback Mountain and Echo Canyon park.  An additional focus of the site is to include supplemental information about general hiking tips, hiking gear, product reviews, nearby attractions, events and other pertinent facts.  Currently the site is monetized by CPC and CPA advertising platforms however the goal is to expand the site in the future to a full business.  The current concept is not set in stone but will include, guided hikes/tours, products and special deals for nearby businesses. –  As a drummer of over 15 years I found a huge gap on the internet when it came to covering the various drum brands available to musicians.  My goal with Drum Brands and associated web properties is to educate beginner to  intermediate drummers about various percussion products along with drumming techniques and methods.  These sites are currently monteized with CPC and CPA advertising however based on the popularity I see a potential to move towards in eCommerce operation in the future.


Inactive Projects:

Jonathan Office – Jonathan Office started out as some ad hoc Microsoft Excel lessons for some friends and turned into a regular weekly group session.  After testing out the process with online sessions the idea for Jonathan Office was born.  This project is currently inactive but plans to relaunch it in the future are in the works.


Nerd Roll – Nerd Roll was a concept to be launched with some friends discussing “nerdy” things such as video games, indie music, movies, etc.  The site was launched in a skeleton form but all my partners bowed out prior to actual launch.  I still like the concept but with a shortage of time have put this one on the back burner for now.  Once some of my other projects are matured I am sure I will revisit this one.