My Story

hello my name is chris

I am an entrepreneur, writer, business consultant, fitness enthusiast and hungry learner.  When I am not writing, speaking, reading or exercising I enjoy taking my Jeep off-road, motorcycle riding, hunting and spending time with family and friends.

Quick Facts About Me:

  • Born July 31, 1983 in Mesa, Arizona to Ronald and Debra Vincent
  • Graduated from Mesa High in 2002 and Arizona State University in 2006
  • Earned a BS in Supply Chain Management / Honors Thesis in Finance
  • Worked at Honeywell Aerospace from February 2005 to November 2009
  • Co-founded Total Financial Network in April 2010
  • Founded Compound Leadership in September 2011

A Little Background

I grew up like many average middle income American males and followed a fairly typical life path that.  I was a good student in both High School and College, played guitar and drums in rock bands for fun and made many life long friends along the way.

After graduating from ASU in 2006 I followed a fast track corporate path and began work in the real world with a promising business professional career in the Aerospace industry.  As a teen I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur / business owner and always had a knack for speaking and writing.  I chose a corporate career path not necessarily because it was my passion, but because it seemed like the right thing to do.  My thought was to get some “real world” experience and then start a company later on.

Flash forward nearly five years later and I had all but forgotten about my previous dreams and settled in quite comfortably to a “good” life.  Well as many leaders say, good is the enemy of great and in July of 2009 I had a major wake up call.  I had become increasingly obsessed with material things and status, spending much of my time and income on recreation, toys, partying and similar platitudes.  Not that there is anything wrong with nice things, however I had become quite obsessed with Jeeps, guns, houses and other worldly things, loosing site of my previous grandiose visions.

The Fire That Changed Everything

On a 116 degree July afternoon, I was riding my motorcycle from Las Vegas back to Phoenix where I was living at the time.  I didn’t know this but my family was waiting there to surprise welcome me home with a little birthday celebration.  Only a few minutes after parking the bike and dismounting, it burst into flames taking with it my brand new complete off road built 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, my roommates tent trailer, my neighbors van and the surrounding parking structure.

I had spent months obsessing over this Jeep and when I saw it burned it ripped me up inside, and this was the problem.  I wasn’t concerned for my safety, the safety of my dear loved ones, or the safety of the people in my neighborhood.  This realization did not come to me right away though.  It took me weeks of feeling sorry for myself before I realized how selfish and foolish I was acting.

This single event, sparked a chain of events which led me to quit my job and begin the path of personal development and business ownership.  On this journey I began to read classic books such as How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  I learned that previously I was not a very nice guy and I was wasting many of my natural talents.  Before digging into this wisdom  I thought I was an exceptional businessman, leader and everyone loved me; but what I learned is that I spent much of my life as a wrecking ball really only focused on getting my way and achieving my own personal ends.

I am not saying that I was a villain, but I definitely wasn’t the best son, brother and friend, even though I thought I was.  What I learned is that I wasn’t all that and a bag of chips and that there is more to life then accumulating status and material things.  I began to learn that life is about fulfilling your mission and that success comes when you master yourself.  That life is a journey of learning and service.

My Future

My story is far from over and I have much to learn but I am grateful for the gifts I was born with, the lessons I have learned and the opportunity I have before me.  I have many lofty goals and aspirations and I am fortunate to have been shown my providence at such a young age.  Although nothing is for certain, I am sure that when I leave this earth, I will have left trying to better myself and the world around me.

I welcome you to follow me on this journey and to connect with me on this site.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and opinions about the many things that I write about.  To get more information about exactly what this website is designed for please read About through the main navigation or by Clicking Here.