Moving to California

Moving to Santa Rosa, California

For the first time in my 29 years of life, I permanently moved out of my home state of Arizona.  In fact for the last 29 years I have lived pretty much within the same 20 mile radius in the Easy Valley of the Phoenix Metro area.  I bounced from Mesa to Tempe to Chandler and then Gilbert but really never left the comfort zone of home.

Having left my career at Honeywell Aerospace a few years prior, relocation seemed like the final symbol of a completely fresh start.  What really first got me thinking about relocating and traveling the world was the book The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. (Book Review 4-Hour Workweek)  After reading this book I became compelled to see more of the world in almost a vagabond type of fashion.

At the beginning of 2012 I really started to take the idea of moving away seriously.  I began to minimize my earthly possessions.  I gave away or trashed virtually all of my furniture and decorations.  I sold my motorcycle and other items that I could go without.  My goal was to get things down to five suitcases so I could become a full time globetrotter.

My initial thoughts were to go aboard, perhaps Brazil or Germany, where I could learn a new language, be immersed in a new culture and gain a new perspective on life.  It is funny how The Law of Dominant Thought is absolute.  As my mind was focused on this goal of travel, things in my life that would have tied me down to one location began to disappear, for the betterment or for the deterioration of my present condition.  However, because my end goal was to move, I look at all of the events leading up to that point to be a necessary part of the actualization of that reality.

During the summer an interesting business opportunity arose that gave me a third viable option…Santa Rosa, California.  While not as hardcore as moving overseas, I looked at the opportunity as a stepping stone and in line with my long term goals.  Plus moving to northern California would give me an opportunity to experience a new part of the country I had never seen before.

Leading up to the move on September 3rd 2012, I experienced no fear and primarily excitement about the new adventure.  It wasn’t until the night before the trip that I felt a little anxiety about the gravity of my decision.  These feelings however were quickly overshadowed by the busyness of travel and moving.

Lonesome Road - Interstate 5I did however upon arriving and settling in, begin to get the feelings of separation anxiety, loneliness and isolation; despite knowing a handful of individuals in Sonoma County.  So I did what I have done in the past when faced with adversity.  I leaned into it.  With the help of reading, listening to positive materials and accurate self-reflection, I had one of my most productive months ever for both business and fitness.

Exactly 60 days later, the feelings of isolation still remain, even though I have met many great people, made some new acquaintances and are even dating a wonderful new lady.  The reality is that up here I lack the true trust found with family and close friends – the kind of trust that takes years to build.  I simply have not had enough time with anyone in Santa Rosa to build a close trusting time-tested relationship.

I am however still ecstatic that I made the move and optimistic that I will form strong bonds with people in northern California.  This move helped stretch me as an individual and forced me to grow as a man.  Besides the move itself, I have done things I had never done before like tow a trailer over 500 miles and formally rent a residence.  I look forward to doing many new things and meeting many new people and getting a little better as an entrepreneur and leader each day.

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