Honeywell Savings Plan (Side Project)

For those people who know me personally or have checked out my LinkedIn profile, you known that I spent 5 years at Honeywell Aerospace.  This is really where I launched my career and I learned a great deal while working there.  While I do not miss the hours or pay, I do miss some of the people I worked with.


Start Tangent…

Surprisingly enough, I use a great deal of skills I picked up at Honeywell in my everyday work.  This may seem odd since I was a business analyst and now I am a marketer and writer, however a lot of little learned abilities transfer.  The big one being a large competence in Microsoft Office products that I built up over five years of intensive daily use.

The message here is that even if you are in an occupation that is not your dream job or passion, be cognizant of the opportunities to pick up talents and abilities along the way.  Also be mindful of what you can learn while working and from people you are working with.  One of the big things I learned from my previous mentor, boss and friend Mark Groce is patience and how to relax and not be defensive when taking criticism.

…End Tangent


When leaving Honeywell one of the tasks that was somewhat cumbersome was dealing with retirement benefits (i.e. 401K rollover and pension disbursement).  These Honeywell Savings Plan benefits are actually in two different places, and it’s not very clear how to access them or what the rules are. This is especially true after leaving the company and loosing access to the Honeywell intranet.

Using some of my new skills as an internet marketer and writer, I saw an opportunity to build a resource for past, current and future employees.  This is a resource that provides information about the Honeywell Savings Plan, retirement benefits, 401K and pension.  This website is a work in progress and more will be added as the program changes; however for now, check out Honeywell Savings Plan for more information.

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