Brown's Peak June 2012

Hiking Brown’s Peak June 9th, 2012

After a successful hike to the top of Brown’s peak back in March, the hiking crew thought it was time to tackle the mountain again under sunnier conditions.  Check out pictures from our first hike up Four Peaks.  This time we had all of the Evripidou brothers, Nik, Chris and Mike along with new comers, Cody Harrill, as well as friends Zach, Ben and Ben’s girlfriend.

This hike was very similar as the firs time around except there was no snow and conditions where much warmer and brighter.  This made for beautiful scenic pictures.  (See Below)

There is not much more to say about hiking to the top of Brown’s Peak than what I wrote about in my previous post.  However I will say that the more people and the nicer the weather the better it is.

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