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I’ve recently launched a new mini-authority site that is designed to provide information about exercise programs, workout routines  weight lifting, strength conditioning, gear and other related topics.  I originally had very lofty aspirations for this site which held me back from launching it.  I however decided to get it online in a basic mode and work on expanding it little by little.

Another reason I have decided to get it off the ground in a beta mode is to give me platform for documenting the ideas I have for an upcoming book about the metal edge for excellence in fitness.  This is a book I’ve been thinking about for a while and rather than try and eat the whole elephant in one bite, my goal is to break it up into eatable portions.

So far I have worked up an outline with topics and general chapters as well as the following mindset tenants.

Key Tenants for the Fit Mental Mindset

Concentrated Visualization

Define what you want your body, muscle group, etc. to look like.  Begin with the end in mind.  Have an end design and a clear path to get there.  Use a picture of one or more people to help make the end goal real.  Put the picture in a place where you will see it daily.  It has to happen in your mind before it can happen in your muscle.

Specific Goals

Have measurable goals set in line with your vision of the designed you.  Include major milestones, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year even 5 years.

Rigorous Planning

Use both tactical and strategic planning in your approach to fitness.  Think weekly, quarterly and yearly.

Dedicated Focus

Your level of obsession determines your level of success.  If you have aggressive goals you should have aggressive thinking habits.

Unwavering Resolve

The idea of quitting should be taken off the table.  Shut the back door in your mind.  Success is not possible it’s inevitable

Meticulous Measurement

You must keep objective track of your progress.  Keep score on yourself.  It’s easy to lose track of the score if you do not write it down and display it.

Honest Accountability

Personal and public:  Personal is through keeping track.  Public is by getting a trainer, workout partner or group.

Applied Leverage

You need to find a way to get leverage on yourself.  Rather this be through committing to others, establishing a reward or deadline.

Active Self-Talk

What you say to yourself determines what you do to yourself.

Selective Exposure

Spend time with people who have results you are after or are further down the path than you are.  Limit time with people who don’t believe or support your goals.

Engaged Learning

Engage in continuous learning at some level about your goals in fitness.

Let me know what you think, in the comments below.

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