Echo Closed

Echo Canyon Trail Closure

From time to time I have people contact me directly about Hiking Camelback.  This is typically people traveling to Phoenix who find and reach out to me to ask specific questions about the trail or for general info about the area.

I had a lady contact me recently to ask me about transportation to the mountain and about the upcoming trail closure.  I had written a blog about the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department Parking Improvement Project but did not take a lot of time to dive into the actual trail closure.

Today I decided to do some “investigative reporting” and called The City of Phoenix directly.  I was transferred to a very helpful public relations guy named David Urbinato who spent about 15 minutes on the phone with me outlining the nine month trail closure.  You can find out about this on my post about the Echo Canyon Trail Closure.

I wanted to write here about my personal feelings.  Having recently moved to northern California for an extended business project, I feel very lucky to be missing this closure.  When I lived in Phoenix I used to hike Echo Canyon at least once a week year round.  I was never a big fan of Cholla, so the closure would have been very dissatisfying to me as a hiker.  I know that the end goal will be a better and safer hiking experience at the mountain, but gee nine months is a long time!

I guess things happen for a reason and I won’t have to worry about it.  I can only imagine how upset some of the hardcore hikers are going to be.  I know some guys that do that trail every single day.  In any event the closure will happen and a few years from now everyone will look back and be glad that it did.

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