"I really need to start blogging again, but instead I will probably do nothing..."

Me & probably a bunch of other bloggers

Blog Re-Kick Start

So with a new more basic WP theme (Prolog) installed, I am finally ready to begin blogging again.  I embarrassingly have not created content on this site in nearly 3 years and before that almost a year.  Why you might ask? Well laziness and lack of dedication to the idea are definitely a huge part 

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Cancer Bats Live

Cancer Bats Show @ The Ace of Spades

On Tuesday November 6th 2012 I had the opportunity to see The Cancer Bats with DevilDriver and GWAR at The Ace of Spades music venue in downtown Sacramento.  Although I have been a Cancer Bats fan for many years, this was my fist time seeing them live.  The last time I tried to catch them I showed 

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Mesa High Reunion

Mesa High School Class of 2002 Reunion

It feels like in today’s internet and social media age, that high school reunions are a bit outdated.  After all I am Facebook friends with everyone I associated with in high school.  I am even friends with people I don’t remember.  I guess I accepted them or requested their digital friendship simply because we graduated the 

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Moving to California

Moving to Santa Rosa, California

For the first time in my 29 years of life, I permanently moved out of my home state of Arizona.  In fact for the last 29 years I have lived pretty much within the same 20 mile radius in the Easy Valley of the Phoenix Metro area.  I bounced from Mesa to Tempe to Chandler 

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Brown's Peak June 2012

Hiking Brown’s Peak June 9th, 2012

After a successful hike to the top of Brown’s peak back in March, the hiking crew thought it was time to tackle the mountain again under sunnier conditions.  Check out pictures from our first hike up Four Peaks.  This time we had all of the Evripidou brothers, Nik, Chris and Mike along with new comers, Cody Harrill, 

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Four Peaks March 2012

Hiking Four Peaks March 17th, 2012

Being an active hiker of Camelback, I welcomed the opportunity to hike Four Peaks for the first time.  I had taken my Jeep on the dirt road through the Tonto National Forest that leads to the beginning of the hike to the top of the mountain, but had never actually hiked it. The crew for this hike include the 

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