Benching 365

Benching 365

This is a weight lifting goal that I have had since around 2006.  Starting in early 2011 I set the goal to go to 4 plates (405) and knew that three and a quarter would be a milestone I would need to reach along the way.  As I began to get into serious strength conditioning in early 2011 I thought that getting to 365 would be easy, giving that I had benched 335 only a few years ago in 2008.

It was a lot harder than I thought.  I was able to get 315 to 5 reps but for some reason getting to 365 eluded me.  In fact I couldn’t even get to 355.  After benching 335 a few times for 2 I knew 365 was within my reach.  I wrote on my goal white-board “365” and put a “-30” next to it to signify the gap I had to close.

After several weeks in California and breaking through my deadlift record I felt it was time to make the 365 attempt.  A quick warm up at 135 and 225 led me to a quick set of 2 at 315.  I loaded up 345 and got it no problem.  I felt really good about 365, chalked up and got ready.  With spotter ready we un-racked the weight.  I slowly lowered the bar and than pressed with power upward.  The bar shot past 50% pretty quick, and then with a little arch in my back I was able to get it the rest of the way.

I think the reason this lift was so easy to attain was because I had just broken through some of my previous personal records including my deadlift max.  This gave me a great sense of belief and confidence that I could get 365 up.  The great part now is that it only puts me 40 pounds away from the 405 pound bench press goal I’ve set in stone.

Have any thoughts, or just want to poke fun at me for being such a meat-stick?  Please share in the comments section below.


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