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I am involved with several business and personal projects.  Some of which are exclusively web based brands and authority sites, while others are a mix of online and “on the ground” operations.

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I started this website in October 2012 as a collective of all of my business projects and also as personal journal. The primary goal of 83CV.com is to share success stories within business, internet marketing, fitness and personal development.  (Four areas of life that I focus very intently on)

I also launched this site so that I could share some of my thoughts on a more personal level and cover topics that do not necessarily fit into one of the brands or businesses blogs I write for.

You will find me frequently referring to other website and brands that I am working on, but you will also find a ton of original content within these pages. My goals is not to monetize any of the traffic from this site but rather use it as a way to share quality content, connect with other hungry entrepreneurs and put out original 1st hand articles and videos for the betterment of the internet at large. Lofty aspirations I know

I guess to sum it up, 83CV.com is designed to be a personal blog with a little more meat on the bones. If you are looking for information on internet marketing, business, fitness and personal development I hope you find that I put out articles with substance not pure opinion. Then again if you think I am full of baloney sausages, I welcome your criticism in the comments sections. A healthy “discussion” is always good for the internet.

In addition if you are an brand builder, internet marketer, writer or just feel like sharing I’d welcome a quality guest post which I’ll honor by giving you full authorship credit and back-link juice. If interested in this Contact me.

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