That’s Good Training

I’ve recently launched a new mini-authority site that is designed to provide information about exercise programs, workout routines  weight lifting, strength conditioning, gear and other related topics.  I originally had very lofty aspirations for this site which held me back from launching it.  I however decided to get it online in a basic mode and 

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Yamaha DTX & Pearl Drum Kit

One of my larger, long term projects is the authority site that I have been working on for roughly 6 months as of the time of this blog.  I have a very ambitious scope with this website.  For more information check out my Projects page. In the meanwhile I am working on a few of what 

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Entering Into New Business Relationships

I wanted to give you two tips when entering into a business relationship with a provider or a supplier.  This is also going to apply when entering into any kind of revenue sharing partnership. These are two rules I have established through the last three and half years of independent business ownership.  Although I wish 

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