My Details

Date of Birth: July 31, 1983
From: Mesa, Arizona
Lives In: Portland, Oregon
Mobile 480-747-3030
Skype: chrismvincent
Twitter: @83cv
Linkedin: Click Here

Purpose & Bio

This is my personal homepage and blog created as a central source for everything about me.  This includes my social profiles, business projects and personal writings.  I am a marketer, consultant and online entrepreneur when I work and an avid weight lifter, auto enthusiast and gamer when I play.  This site covers all of these topics and more.  For my background check out My Story and for more about this site check out the About Website page.

What is on this site?

Below is a breakdown of what’s in my blog…

Business & Technology40%
40 Complete
Entertainment & Travel20%
20 Complete
30 Complete
Education & Writing10%
10 Complete